Musings for the future.

And suddenly they realised that it was fun to not know everything. That the enjoyment gained from figuring things out, from making mistakes, from being imperfect was the most wondrous part of it all. So they undid it all. They messed up the perfect code. They started from single cell organisms and let it all flow. Then they built it all again. The cycle is ahead of us. Soon we will remember. We are here to express our unique view, our unique way of thinking, our perfectly imperfect human experience. Maybe as a soul you are just a number, an algorithm, so play in the dirt, love, laugh, cry, try your best to figure it all out. Never dull your sparkle. Don’t waste processing power on worry, silly things you can’t change. Be in the moment. Enjoy the little things. Grubby toddler hands grabbing your face. First words, first kisses, first jobs, first pay checks, first fuck ups, first pay rise, first fights, first make ups, first break ups, first base, first. Seconds. Lasts. Moments. Loves, friendships, community, togetherness. This is your moment, be in it.

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