The importance of play.

Cast your mind back 100 years, well imaginatively, then 100 years before that and 100 years before that. What were people doing? Seeing? Feeling? How often? 300 years ago there were no roads, no internet, no offices, no email. There were tribes, the land, community and culture. There was Wonder. There was time. Time to look at the stars. Time to experiment. Time to play.

Cast your mind back to yesterday, what were people doing? Seeing? Feeling? How often? Roads, internet, offices, email, no time, no wonder, no play.

We evolved because of the ways of old. We are who we are today because of who our forefathers were yesterday.

In honouring and understanding where we have been we can embrace the very best habits of our species and create a future that is sustainable, fun and full of wonder.

Oh and let’s just talk about all the benefits of play shall we? Like that when we play our brains have a party going on inside, it is lit up, it is vibrant! It is connected! Neurons fire at a hyper rapid pace (in a good way) and we create connections that are meaningful and memorable!!!! Hello, play = happy and wonderfully connected brain! Hear from ex CEO of lego foundation Dr Randa Grob-Zakhary on Why play is awesome for your brain

So how can you integrate more play into your life?

1. Grab some toys from your local op shop (puzzles, lego, barbies, crossword puzzle books!)

2. Bring play doh to your next catch up – use it to demonstrate your point or solve problems.

3. Go to the park and actually play on the equipment, have you forgotten how fun slides and swings are?

4. Grab some art supplies and do a little craft!

5. Grab a stick and some shells and the beach and build a sandcastle complete with patterns etched in for extra pizazz!

6. Have you played Yahtzee? Cards? Monopoly? Grab the old games kit and get your game on!!

7. Hide and seek – suggest this at work and see how many people actually say yes and join in!

8. I spy – definitely fun during boring work road trips!

9. Noughts and crosses – yep, even during that budget meeting!

10. Hangman – another good one to pass the time during (yawn) yet another meeting

Once you start exercising your play muscle, you’ll start to find more Wonder in everything you do! Go on, have a little fun!




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