Yes I am Wonder Woman… and so are you.

four women standing on mountain
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No really I totally am… but not because I juggle family and business and all the things, not because I’ve been talking about Wonder for the past 20 years, not just because I have started movements and platforms that involve Wonder………but because like Wonder Woman… I have purpose and I know my inner calling, I am curious and unwavering in my pursuit for excellence, I’m not bothered by the current status quo and my mission is my guide oh and because I have secret powers deep within that not even I understand.

The new Wonder Woman film was bound to get my attention, after 5 years of marketing the benefits of Wonder to all the people… yep I am all about the Wonder so like totes der I was gonna watch this one and in an overly primed sort of way find the reasons to love it, however I was pleasantly surprised by how inspired the film made me feel! Like whoa, She too has to take on shit and channel her power… she too has had to wear daggy outfits to try and fit in… she too has had to walk into rooms entirely filled with men and deal with all the egos.

The film starts with her as a strong and powerful little girl with an incredible sense of who she is and what she needs to do. She overcomes all the barriers and finds her way. She has to dress differently and deal with haters and doubters and all the people who want her to be something she is not. She doesn’t change. She stays strong. She keeps her Wonder outfit on even when she is dressed as someone else, the knee high sexy ass boots and arm guards are a glimpse of her inner power – with her always.

She thinks she finds her nemesis, when she defeats him she expects everything to be better – when it is not, she realises that her mission is. It complete but even when she does defeat Aries, she realises her mission forever is be love. To shine the light into the human race.

We need Wonder women. We need you to embrace your power, your purpose, to wear whatever makes you feel unstoppable and to step up and live your purpose – now. Be beautiful. Be strong. Be you. This is the message that I love the most….that’s why I consider myself a Wonder Woman. Warts and all, in my perfectly imperfect way, I’m wearing whatever makes me feel unstoppable and living my most authentic and wonderful life…. as hard as that sometimes is… because I know that I am stepping up and living my purpose and showing my girls that anything is possible. The life they see is balanced and fast paced. It’s crazy and kind. It’s full of meditation and creativity and problem solving. We travel, we stay still. We embrace polarity. So one day, when my girls feel the calling, whatever that calling may be – they have permission to do their thing. That’s what it’s all about for me, no shaming. No ego. Pure support and love.

My thinking aligns to wonder woman’s, love is the answer. So come on Wonder women – it’s ok to stand up and be you, this isn’t about hating men (cos let’s be honest like Wonder Woman we love men too) this is about purpose, passion, destiny, the role you were born to play – so tune in and jump in…. its time for you to embrace your power.


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