Why Wonder?

Why am I obsessed with wonder?

From design thinking to meditation, crystals, reiki, NLP to mindfulness my journey has unfolded as I curiously said yes and gathered new skills and experiences.

As you gather all these seemingly weird and disparate ideas, information, skills and insights, it knits together in a way that starts to change the way you think and the way you see the world.

For me, I realised that the answer was wonder. This has bred my wonder obsession.

Hang on I hear you ask, What was the question? Well what is on people’s minds right now? How can businesses thrive? How can we upgrade people’s thinking? How can we survive in this hyperconnected technological world? How can we minimise stress and maximise happiness? How can we teach meditation and mindfulness? How can we get people to think creatively? How can we encourage entrepreneurship? How can we encourage innovation? How can we help people find their purpose?

All roads kept leading back to wonder.

But how to teach it? How to make people wonder?

I’ve had some extraordinary mentors in my time, all of them have taught me new tricks, new ways to think and have expanded my mindset and improved my life. I’m grateful to each and every one of them. The greatest gift that my mentors have given me is the encouragement to wonder. The safety to be curious. You see, we are not actively encouraged to be curious. From the day we can walk, we are discouraged from touching that, going there, climbing that, eating, licking, carrying, dismantling, unpacking and repacking ‘that’. I noticed when my second daughter was born how actively everyone around her discourages her naturally inquisitive mind. It got me thinking and I realised that over the years, we are slowly encouraged to think less and less and to do more and more. We become curiousless human doings and there is little fun in that.

My mission is to undo this, to encourage wonder and curiosity at scale. To crack people’s mindsets open and pour in wonder. You see, in wonder we grow. As Socrates famously explains: “Wisdom begins in Wonder”. When we wonder (as a verb), we question,  we are curious and open, we have a desire to know something. In this state, we gather more inputs, more information, more ideas, more data, so naturally in wonder, we grow. More information means more stimulus for our hungry minds, more data for our brains to crunch, more possibilities for new and exciting revelations! So you see, more wonder means more improvements, more ideas, more innovation. More wonder means more. More wonder means better. More wonder means more wisdom. So you see, for me, the answer is always wonder. If we can get people to wonder, we can change their lives. If we can get people to wonder, we can change the world.

So your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go down a little rabbit hole with me, follow the links and see where you end up, the trick? It is up to you to get curious and keep exploring!

What is wonder: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/wonder


Why wonder? http://questioning.org/jan05/whywonder.html


How can I wonder more? https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/finding-the-next-einstein/201407/seven-ways-be-more-curious


Sarah xx

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