Living a meaningful life.

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I have this perspective. It’s not for everyone but it’s mine and I’m going to share. I believe every human has a purpose. It’s not necessarily bleedingly obvious because if it was, what would the game of life involve?

I feel like part of the meaning of life is to discover that purpose.

You see, with purpose comes meaning.

I decided a long time ago that success = living a meaningful life.

Meaningful is different for everyone, for me it is full of meaning. Don’t you love when you say a word over and over again it suddenly changes shape and takes on new meaning?

Say it:






What does it mean?




1. 1. 
intend to convey or refer to (a particular thing); signify.”I don’t know what you mean”

2 synonyms: 3 signify, convey, denote, designate, indicate, connote, show, express, spell out, stand for, represent, symbolize, imply, purport, suggest, allude to, intimate, hint at, insinuate, drive at, refer to; More 4

intend (something) to occur or be the case.”they mean no harm”

8 synonyms: 9 intend, aim, plan, design, have in mind, have in view, contemplate, think of, purpose, propose, have plans, set out, aspire, desire, want, wish, expect “she didn’t mean to break it” 10
I think we can bring meaning to any word, we create feelings, personas, other words that help bring colour, movement and purpose to the letters brought together in this formation.




1. 1. 
what is meant by a word, text, concept, or action.”the meaning of the Hindu word is ‘breakthrough, release’”

2 synonyms: 3 definition, sense, explanation, denotation, connotation, interpretation, elucidation, explication “the word has several different meanings”


1. 1. 
intended to communicate something that is not directly expressed.”she gave Gabriel a meaning look”

2 synonyms: 3 meaningful, significant, pointed, eloquent, expressive, pregnant, speaking, telltale, revealing, suggestive “she gave him a meaning look”

So the meaning for the word Meaning for me:

It’s intentioned. It’s full. It’s purposeful. It’s conscious. It’s connected. It’s inclusive. It’s kind. It’s grateful. It’s vivacious. It’s happy. It’s positive. It’s accepting.

What is meaning for you?

What would living a meaningful life mean for you?

There’s that word again! What does it mean?

What context, colour, feeling, purpose do you bring to this question?

Your unique answer is telling you something. In it are little clues to your purpose.

I want people to look at my life and see how much meaning I have brought to it.

As a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a business partner, a mentor, a stranger. I want them to realise that what I aim to do is bring extra layers of energy to experiences. Extra thought, extra curiosity, extra creativity, extra love, extra laughter, extra awkwardness, extra silliness, extra weirdoness. All this extra energy that I seek to bring is my way of creating meaning. Of adding value. Of sharing my essence with the world to live a meaning-full life.

Sharing our extra; our energy, our essence is how we bring meaning. It’s how we add value and it’s how we discover our purpose.

I haven’t nailed my purpose yet, I think that’s part of the fun, but I’m living a life of meaning on the road to discovery and that in itself feels very purposeful.

What’s your extra? What’s your energy? What’s your essence? What’s that special something-something that you know you add to every single day that nobody else has?

Find it.

Share it.

You’ll realise that bringing meaning to your life is as simple as that and that maybe, by living with meaning you discover that purpose we all crave.

I really do believe we must create meaningful lives, we must live on purpose, find our wellbeing and live in wonder. This is success.

My perspective, but maybe it will work for you too?

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