Click, scroll, fail.

Wow. This is so much harder than I was expecting. I know I said I was an addict but my ability to sneak in a little techno binge has completely surprised me the last few days – who knew I had so little self control?

I went and bought a Nokia 3310 to seperate out my phone from the mini computer I hold in my hand 24×7. It started bumpy, no contacts when I put the sim in (eep), texting was near impossible, the hands free is too quiet to actually use, then the sim wobbled a little and kept dropping out of range. I had decided if I was using a different tool and leaving my iPhone in the study, I could schedule binge times for social media at appropriate times (ie not all day every day at the expense of real social connection).

The first few days were novel. The first time I left the house without my iPhone was actually incredibly liberating. I felt light. I enjoyed 3 hours of Christmas shopping without any clicking or scrolling or posting or photography or liking or sharing and it was actually amazing.

I made eye contact with people as I walked past, I watched dozens of people trip over as they walked and typed without looking where they were going. I was smug, look at these people! Don’t they realise this piece of technology is zapping their brain? Hypnotising them? They are walking around in an unconscious trance! Imagine if they knew how alert and amazing they could feel if they weren’t slaves to their little extension of self devices.

That night, I slept without my iPhone in my bedroom and left the little 3310 in the study too. It was all going well until my husband did his back. I was taking the girls out for Christmas Eve carols and the sim wasn’t working in the 3310, so I put it back into the iPhone just in case Sean needed me while I was out with the girls. I needed to be contactable! I would work out the whole sim issue when I got home…

I left it there. I left that happy little sim in my shiny illuminous iPhone, I sent text messages and enjoyed being able to take photos of the girls and check in on friends and family around the globe. It felt nice. I was still consciously not using it too much so felt like I was still on the right track.

Christmas Day is usually a pretty active social media day for me. I have family all over the globe so it feels good to be able to glimpse into their worlds and share ours with them too. So I posted pretty prolifically that day, and the next. Then I realised, woops, I’m totally back to binging all day long!!

I imagine this is much like any addict really, justifying, slipping, failing.

But I’m keen to recreate the way I use technology so my next experiment is to try and remove a whole stack of apps from my iPhone… let’s see how this plays out…

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