Heal your energy, heal your life 💖

As with everything I write, this isn’t for everyone – but if you’ve ever thought about energy, felt like you’ve had too much or not enough energy or felt like you’re in a bit of an energy funk, then read on…

For as long as I can remember I’ve been complimented consistently on one thing… and yeah while it’s often my fabulous hair or my emerald green eyes, the thing I want to talk about is: ENERGY

Oh and I’m not talking about your power provider. energy – ˈɛnədʒi/noun: “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” – “changes in the levels of vitamins can affect energy and well-being” – that kind of energy, the kind that impacts your well-being, your life, the people around you oh and your heart and soul.

“I wish I had your energy!”, “where do you find the energy?”, “You have great energy!”, “I love your energy” … oh hey energy, what are you? How can I get more of you? How can I improve my energy and others? Why can people sense you? What is good and bad energy? What do you do with bad energy? How can we use energy to heal? I’ve wondered about all the questions.

I remember many years ago my bestie Nicky was giving me a hands on pranic healing and it got me super intrigued, what was this energy healing stuff and why did it feel so good? Pranic healing uses prana (energy) to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. That is, someone else uses their energy to help you balance yours. A few years later, a course popped up on one of those deals of the day emails, “reiki 1 – energy healing certification” – Nicky and I enrolled immediately and set off on an adventure together.

I have this mind that is exceptionally scientific and good at sense making but very rarely sceptical. I’m capable of critical thinking and complex problem solving but I tend to be the person that believes people and seeks to understand rather than pick the eyes out of an argument or construct. As I get older I realise this is what makes me unique and I relish in being able to hold seemingly disparate concepts, constructs and information in my mind without feeling the need to collapse everything into neat little structured parcels, where everything is mutually exclusive and everything makes sense. This serves me well when it comes to business, to being creative and well, to embracing woo woo weird stuff.

So rewind, around 5 years, I’m sitting in a hall about 14 weeks pregnant with Sienna with around 30 other random humans and my gorgeous Nicky and we are being taught the principles of reiki.

The Five Reiki Principles are guidelines that everyone can live by, to promote a healthy, loving way of living.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Usui meditated for days and weeks and months and this healing modality formed through this experience. Like pranic healing, reiki uses one humans energy as a channel to promote harmony and balance in another humans energy field. I am not exactly sure how it works if I’m completely honest but over the past 96 years thousands of people have adopted Usui’s techniques and healed thousands of others around the world, just with their hands.

That day in that hall, I was a little sceptical if I’m completely honest and it surprised me a lot. As a side note, feeling skeptical is a really strange feeling. I wasn’t entirely sure about how someone could channel universal energy through their hands to heal me… and then I experienced my first reiki healing. Wow. It was nothing short of magical and my skepticism dissolved and my thinking evolved. This worked. It was magic. I loved it. Who am I to question the mystical capabilities of one of the most magical and awe inspiring things on the planet hey? The human being. Seriously I think there is still so much we don’t understand about ourselves, our capabilities, the universe. It certainly piqued my intrigue, I went on to continue studying reiki and became attuned as a reiki master (you level up through various attunements, interesting but always felt very different after each attunement!).

I use reiki with my kids, on myself, on close friends and family and loved ones and it brings happiness and peace to all those who I work with. The trick? Just go with the flow.

I was excited to hear Dr Fiona Kerr talk about the benefits of eye contact, face to face communication and touch at Wired for Wonder in 2016, my brain wondered, if we know all the wonderful benefits that physiologically occur in the brain and body from eye contact, surely eventually things like hands on healing, pranic healing and reiki will become scientific proven and credible.

Regardless; the benefits of tuning into another human, making eye contact, listening to their woes and worries, establishing an empathetic connection and laying your hands on them in a reiki healing process are abundantly clear to me. In this hyperconnected technological world… when was the last time you stared into another’s eyes? Hugged for longer than 5-10 seconds? Lay hands purposefully on someone to help them balance and heal? For me, the decreases in cortisol and increases in dopamine and serotonin are anything but a surprise. Of course the body response is a positive one, human connection, empathy, touch, healing – this is what we are wired to do.

So if you haven’t tried an energy healing, I most definitely recommend it! Here are some of my other tips for balancing your own energy and creating more:

1. Meditate – place your hand on your heart and tune into the rhythm of your heart beat, centre and ground yourself in your rhythm. Too often we get influenced and impacted by the energy of those around us, this clogs our energy field – tuning into your heart is a wonderful way to rediscover your centre.

2. Every morning create an energy bubble around yourself. This is a visualisation exercise to keep your energy protected. When you have good energy everyone wants a piece of it (consciously or not) and you may be unwillingly drained by energy vampires – my good friend Dandapani has some awesome tips on this! Watch his 2016 Wired for Wonder talk “the energy alchemist”

3. Rest when you are weary, eat when you are hungry, drink water all day. You are a human, your body uses so much energy every day so make sure you rest, feed, water your body to ensure you have the fuel to keep your energy levels physically high.

4. Journal 📓 ask yourself honestly what is impacting your energy? How can you balance your energy? What energy do you need to process, move, express? Stagnant energy causes illness and imbalance.

5. Create some playlists! Music is an incredible way to boost your energy, get your emotions moving (emotions are just energy in motion)!

6. Get walking or running or skipping or dancing or playing! Moving is a wonderful way to use physical energy and to ground any frantic energy (there’s such a thing as too much energy which can make you feel scattered and frantic).

Think about your energy levels each day. Do you have a lot of energy? Not enough? Are you feeling a bit low? A bit depressed or stagnant? Are you bouncing off the walls?

Think about balancing your energy each day and  finding ways to keep energy flowing in your body, mind and soul.

Hope you got something out of this xxx
*image source Pinterest, artists unknown – upliftconnect.com 

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