My favourite online learning resources to squeeze a little more wonder into your brain.

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I love live events as an opportunity to learn and grow – but I find it really important to continue to invest in myself and my mindset all year round, every year. This is even more important now that I am self employed and in control of my own learning destiny. Online learning isn’t easy for everyone, but it is a wonderful way to supplement your learning plans this year and squeeze in a little extra wonder into your world.

We live in such an exciting time with limitless possibilities at our fingertips. I remember when Dad told me that he knew they were very fortunate when his Dad bought a whole encyclopedia set. Imagine having that much information available to you at home! Fast forward and we all now have google, youtube, facebook in our smart phones. Gone are the days when education was a luxury and a privilege, these days, the playing field is much more event, the world is your oyster and you can learn anything, anywhere, anytime and a lot of it is free or at least a lot more affordable than ever before!

I’m a learning addict. Nothing brings me more joy than finishing a book or an online course. I loved university but with 2 small children and 5 businesses on the go, online is the best option for me these days and I have been sampling my way through resources for the past 6 years.

What can you learn online? Anything! Almost everything. There are lots of skills and experiences that are more beneficial face to face but as a source to top up your brain, well, there are some truly amazing resources available out there. You can learn anything from neuropsychology to nutrition, NLP to coding, design thinking to leadership and of course all the alternative therapies!

Here are some of my favourite resources for learning on the go on any budget…

Coursera – All the top universities from around the globe offer amazing online learning, anything from small units to entire degrees! Enrol and learn python, data science, leadership, strategic management from Harvard, Oxford, Yale or Brown. Oh and some of them are free!

UDEMY – udemy has over 55,000 online courses, you can learn anything from how to trade crypto currency to project management, entrepreneurship and coding. The courses are all available online and available with pricing to suit any budget!

Centre of Excellence – where learning becomes life changing, you can enrol in neuropsychology, business, healing, even witchcraft. Learn at your own pace and keep an eye out for the sales, there are amazing courses available at super affordable prices.

edX – Religion, conflict and peace, blockchain or computer science – another awesome online platform for courses and programs to help you learn new skills (affordably!).

Microsoft Virtual Academy – great for tech skills!

Forme – I toured with Agapi Stassionopoulos and Joe Hubbard and the THRIVE program last year brought to Australia by Forme, these guys have some awesome online courses available, from the art of influence to the thrive program, definitely worth checking out!

Your next question might be… well where do I start? Let me suggest a few worthwhile courses shall I?

OK now go…Get curious and creative and invest in your brain!! I can’t wait to hear all of your tales as to what you choose to explore! Hope you enjoy.

Sarah xxCopy of how to work from home with kids (5)

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