Three wonder statements to unleash a little extra happiness in your soul.

Choose words that unleash wonder in your mindset…

Believe in yourself. I’ve heard this in a Disney movie or two… a motivational talk or two… even a self help book or two. I know it all sounds good, but really, how can you believe in yourself?? How can you nurture your inner wonder?

Life isn’t meant to be perfect, that isn’t the lesson. If you never trip up, fail, make ridiculously embarrassing mistakes, then what will your spirit dine out on when you die? Imagine for a second you are looking down on your life, after it is over. You’re able to scroll through the moments like a limitless instagram scroll, each moment, a movie, a time capsule of wonder – the emotions, the experiences, the people, all in dimensions and colour and sensory explosions that you cannot even fathom in this 5 dimensional life we live. You can zoom in, you can press pause, you can also see the bigger context, the moments that led to that one, it is quantum entertainment at its very best. Within this realm, everything makes perfect sense. Every mistake, every decision, every fight, every moment…. you see that in fact it is all connected, there is nothing that isn’t perfect and there isn’t a single moment, breathe, butterfly flying through the sky that isn’t meant to be. That isn’t connected.

“I believe in myself”.

When you zoom out far enough, you realise, that the only thing holding you back is you. Your lack of perspective. Your lack of understanding. Your lack of belief, belief in the bigger picture, belief in deeper meaning, in destiny, in life, in yourself….

When you zoom out and realise…. you are able to see. You are Limitless.

The only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves. Our limiting self beliefs, the way we label ourselves, our capabilities, our strengths, our confidence, our abilities…. we are but the limitations we place upon our souls. Undo this right now. Take your hand and place it on your heart and on your tummy and whisper to yourself:

“I am limitless”. 

The next stop is nurturing your self worth. Without self worth, you are worthless. We are but the value we place upon our own atoms. When we nurture our self worth, when we see our own worth, when we understand the special something we bring into the world, we are limitless, we are full of self belief, we are love.

“I am worthy”.

This is feeling like a sermon of some sort…  it has just spilled from a place of contemplation, learning, deep and sorrow filled personal growth and enquiry. Take some time today to repeat these three wonder statements to yourself out loud and see how you go….

“I believe in myself”, “I am limitless”, “I am worthy”.

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